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Snowboarding Olympics

2014 Snowboarding Olympics: Dates, TV schedule, and online live stream of Sochi Winter Games . The slopestyle course that has drawn complaints from some riders ahead of the Sochi Olympics is set to be modified after the Norwegian medal hope Torstein Horgmo broke his collarbone in practice on Monday and was ruled out of the Winter Games.

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics begin soon, so NBC is gearing up for its biggest TV event of the year. The Winter Games kicks off on Friday, Feb. 7 with the Opening Ceremony and ends on Sunday, Feb. 23 with the Closing Ceremony .

Schedule and results

6 February
10:00 Men’s Slopestyle Qualification
14:00 Ladies’ Slopestyle Qualification
8 February
9:30 Men’s Slopestyle Semifinals
12:45 Men’s Slopestyle Finals
9 February
10:30 Ladies’ Slopestyle Semifinals
13:15 Ladies’ Slopestyle Finals
11 February
14:00 Men’s Halfpipe Qualification
19:00 Men’s Halfpipe Semifinals
21:30 Men’s Halfpipe Finals
12 February
14:00 Ladies’ Halfpipe Qualification
19:00 Ladies’ Halfpipe Semifinals
21:30 Ladies’ Halfpipe Finals
16 February
11:00 Ladies’ Snowboard Cross Seeding
13:15 Ladies’ Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
13:30 Ladies’ Snowboard Cross Semifinals
13:40 Ladies’ Snowboard Cross Finals
17 February
11:00 Men’s Snowboard Cross Seeding
13:30 Men’s Snowboard Cross 1/8 Finals
13:52 Men’s Snowboard Cross Quarterfinals
14:04 Men’s Snowboard Cross Semifinals
14:12 Men’s Snowboard Cross Finals
19 February
9:15 Ladies’ Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification
9:42 Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Qualification
13:00 Ladies’ Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals
13:12 Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom 1/8 Finals
13:48 Ladies’ Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals
13:54 Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Quarterfinals
14:15 Ladies’ Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals
14:18 Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Semifinals
14:31 Ladies’ Parallel Giant Slalom Finals
14:35 Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom Finals
22 February
9:15 Ladies’ Parallel Slalom Qualification
9:42 Men’s Parallel Slalom Qualification
13:15 Ladies’ Parallel Slalom 1/8 Finals
13:27 Men’s Parallel Slalom 1/8 Finals
14:03 Ladies’ Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
14:09 Men’s Parallel Slalom Quarterfinals
14:30 Ladies’ Parallel Slalom Semifinals
14:33 Men’s Parallel Slalom Semifinals
14:46 Ladies’ Parallel Slalom Finals
14:50 Men’s Parallel Slalom Finals